Giving the Deaf Freedom to Code

Future Coding is a coding and innovation hub that creates a pipeline of young Deaf ICT professionals with digital talent in cutting-edge technologies

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Our Story

Leading SDG 4 of the 2030 Agenda

According to 2030 Agenda for United Nation Sustainability Development Goal 4, society should ensure inclusive and equitable quality education for all persons with disabilities. In South Africa, most people living with disabilities are still denied equitable access to education, information, health care, job opportunities and civil engagement as well as technological solutions and their benefits are not fully explored (Stats SA).

While digital revolution or mobile technologies is impacting on almost every aspect of economic, social and political life; majority of rural communities and people living with disabilities continue to be left behind.

In the wave of new technologies “digital, smart, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning”, often referred to Fourth Industrial Revolution (#4IR), captains of industries should ensure that anyone (in particular Deaf communities) with an intention to participate in #4IR should have freedom to do so.

This demands a revolutionary change from all of us in the 4th Industrial Revolution to ensure no one is left behind.

Future Coding partners with private and public sectors organizations and businesses that put social and people development at the summit of their strategies.

We build a Digital Deaf Community and position them at the heart of #4IR jobs and other opportunities.